Scratch or Stitch

Rok wydania: 0/1996
Zespół: Melt Banana

Lista utworów

  1. Plot In A Pot
  2. Scratch Or Stitch!
  3. Sick Zip Everywhere
  4. Disposable Weathercock
  5. Ten Dollars A Pile
  6. Ketchup-Mess
  7. Buzzer #P
  8. Rough Dogs Have Bumps
  9. Iguana In Trouble
  10. It's In The Pilcase
  11. Test: Ground 1
  12. Zoo, No Vacancy
  13. A Finger To Hackle
  14. Tye B For Me
  15. His Name Is Mickey (At Last She Got Him...)
  16. Back To The Womb
  17. I Hate It!
  18. What Do You Slaughter Next?
  19. Eye-Q Trader
  20. Dig Out!
  21. Contortion Out Of Confusion
  22. Pigeons On My Eyes (Go To Bed!!!)

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