Forest Full Of Drums

Wydawnictwo: Gusstaff Records
Rok wydania: 2009
Zespół: Mapstation
Kompozytor/Muzyk: Paul Wirkus

Dodatkowo na płycie video "Forest Full Of Drums"

Lista utworów

  1. Being With The Birds
  2. In Dialogue
  3. Summer Rain And Fading Plane
  4. Active Branches
  5. Cone, Crackle, Skin
  6. Distant Kit
  7. Circulation
  8. Autumn Wind
  9. Throwing Logs
  10. Cymbal Dog
  11. Between The Beeches
  12. The Story Tellers
  13. Air Modulation
  14. Darkness Arriving
  15. Animals Possible
  16. Natural Relations

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